Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Price for DJ?

The BBB published an article in 2019 with average wedding costs for SW Ontario. Weddings on average were $30, 717 and the DJ cost was $1442 just to give you a baseline. This aligns with the majority of budgeting references given in wedding publications and by planners of 5% - 10% of the wedding cost.

Here are three key factors that couples should consider along with the price


Experienced DJ + High Quality Equipment + Legal Business

Unfortunately anytime we've been contacted by a bride because their DJ canceled or disappeared the DJ was $1000 or less. Not operating as legal business and/or having a less experienced DJ are the most common methods of accomplishing a lower price. This is generally accompanied by lower grade equipment and having no backups in place.

How is your Boutique DJ Service different from large DJ Companies?

We're more of a customized and personalized service from the start. We'll only work with 30-40 couples max in a year which gives us time to focus on each couple, but this also means we have limited availability. While large DJ companies will frequently do more than 200 weddings in a year. That process sometimes involves matching couples with a DJ and subcontracting the job of DJing. We have two very different business philosophies towards weddings.

Why two DJs?

Overall this structure allows us to coordinate events better than other DJ services.Having two DJs means we can easily take requests, adjust to changing timelines, and we have never missed or cancelled an event.

How Experienced is the Team?

The level of experience varies depending on the combination of DJs. The most experienced DJ on our team has 18 years of experience and the least has 7 years. This means at a wedding there's no less than 15 years of experience.

What is the Most Important Thing to Consider When Hiring a DJ?

This is always a tough question, but experience matters. You want to choose a DJ with experience particularly with weddings. A good DJ will know and help coordinate the reception and make you feel at ease.

How Important Is Equipment?

It matters to certain extent, having low quality or dated equipment can ruin a wedding or event. An experienced DJ can compensate to a degree, however, not investing to new equipment can be very risky.

What Does Licensed Mean?

Very simply a DJ playing digital music should have a Connect Music License or use a source of music that is licensed. Most agreements for purchased digital music state that it is for personal use only this includes; Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and others. Playing out in public requires proper licensing in Canada.


Is There a Professional Standard For DJs?

In short No. This is one of the reasons why we created the EEE Standard and share our Code of Ethics. There are professional associations which are CPDJA and CDJA. However, there's no standard testing so nothing stops anyone from claiming to be a professional DJ.

Should Or Do I Need a Contract?

Absolutely, do not do business with anyone that cannot provide you with a contract. The basic details such as; time, date, what is included, and the costs should be written into the agreement. No legitimate DJ business should be operating without a contract.

What Goes into DJing A Reception Besides Playing Music?

We plan as many details as possible. A good plan helps ease any stress and allows for a seamless flow throughout the evening. On average a simple wedding requires 25 hours while more complex weddings could need 40 hours or more. The image below graphically represents this in more detail.

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